Gone Adventurin was born out of our founding team’s journeys across Asia to learn what is needed to integrate sustainability into core business.


Since we started in 2011 we’ve enabled dozens of businesses, government agencies and NGOs to tackle important environmental challenges while helping grow their bottom line.


Across our work one issue kept popping up consistently – waste. Each year our world throws away USD 80-120 billion worth of post-consumer waste. By 2050 we’ll have more plastics in the oceans than fish. Asia is the biggest contributor to this profound mismanagement.


We are on a mission to tackle the fast-growing streams of packaging, food and electronic materials in Asia and to help unlock business opportunities from post-consumer waste. Gone Adventurin enables companies to design circular business strategies, implement deployments to recycle post-consumer waste and create closed loop supply chains so that nothing goes to waste, and engage stakeholders through storytelling. We envision a world without waste.



    • Data & landscape analysis from your local markets on post-consumer waste streams


    • Stakeholder mapping and identifying waste value chain


    • Relevant local government regulations & global trends


    • Development of strategies for intervention in alignment with local requirements and regulations


    • Identification of key stakeholders (e.g. government, NGOs), locations & roadmap for deployment



    • Design & implementation of 6 month to multi year deployment


    • Operationalising strategies


    • Working with your stakeholders & helping to prove the business model


    • Creation of a self-funding business model


    • Laying the foundation to scale deployments across the market


    • Designing a communications strategy for your Circular Economy initiatives


    • Creation of authentic stories through social media content in the form of short videos & photography


    • Engaging employees and consumers in your Circular Economy strategies & drive sales