We Are Hiring – Research Project Manager in Singapore (Application Period Closed)

We Are Hiring – Research Project Manager in Singapore (Application Period Closed)

Note: The application period for this role has closed. We will be in touch with shortlisted candidates.

Placement Title: Research Project Manager
Location: Singapore
Start & End Date: 1st May 2018 onwards
Time Requirement: Full Time (5 days a week)

About the Role:

Gone Adventurin is working on several pioneering, strategic projects in Asia to tackle the serious environmental challenges posed by post-consumer waste in the areas of packaging, particularly plastics, and food.

Why Asia? Because Asia is the biggest contributor to post-consumer waste mismanagement in the world. Over 80% of plastics entering the oceans comes from Asia with just 5 countries responsible for most of this pollution. 52% of fruits and vegetables in Asia are wasted, with the majority of this food loss happening at farm, post-harvest and processing stages even before it reaches stores, supermarkets or consumers.

If you are inspired to tackle the complex challenges of plastic entering the oceans, making packaging circular and impacting the huge amounts of food waste generated across supply chains here in Asia then consider joining our team. Gone Adventurin is a sustainability consultancy and project implementation partner on a mission to tackle post-consumer waste in Asia. Our vision is to create a world without waste.

We are looking for an experienced Research Project Manager with strong analytical, strategic thinking and relationship skills. Ideally your background includes working in management or environmental consulting or in a research, strategy or data analytics role in business, government agencies or NGOs.

This role involves working on packaging and food waste projects for prominent clients from leading chemicals, packaging, consumer goods and retail industries as well as city and national government agencies across Southeast Asia and India. The focus of the role will be to: create pioneering science based research; provide key insights, strategic recommendations and measurable outcomes; and implement groundbreaking strategies to significantly drive circular economy in Asia.

Working with us provides the opportunity to work in a small, mindfully growing, Singapore-headquartered company dedicated to finding business-driven solutions to tackle waste challenges in Asia. We are dedicated, diverse team of 5 nationalities with multi-faceted backgrounds in packaging science, environmental science, engineering, economics, policy and finance. While primarily based in Singapore, the role involves local travel within the Asia region with an opportunity to meet and build relationships with a wide range of local stakeholders from industry, government and NGOs.


○ 3+ years of experience in management or environmental consulting or in a research, strategy or data analytics role in business, government agencies or NGOs

○ Bachelor’s degree in Physical Sciences (e.g. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry), Engineering, Environment, Statistics, Business, Accounting or Finance

○ Advanced problem-solving, analytical skills, evidenced research capabilities (e.g. past research or data analysis reports which shows capabilities in these areas) and experience in primary and secondary data collection

○ Strong communication and interpersonal skills to work with various clients and stakeholders

○ The right attitude and skills to work with and manage relationships with people of all backgrounds, from C-Level and senior management of multinationals to recycling workers

○ Capable and comfortable traveling throughout Asia to conduct research and meet with stakeholders

○ Evidenced passion and deep-seated aspiration to tackle environmental challenges

○ Self motivated and highly organized individual able to work in a dynamic and deliverables-oriented work environment

○ Excellent referrals from at least 2 previous clients or past employers

○ Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel)

○ Strong English skills – verbal and written

○ Based in Singapore and committed to be based in Singapore for a minimum of 2 years


○ Experience in leading teams to successfully deliver on projects within timelines

○ Past experience in plastics, waste management or recycling industries. If you do not have waste management experience and/or circular economy understanding we require you to take 1-2 short online courses before starting on the role

○ Proficiency in using Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides

How to Apply:

To apply please send to ashwin@goneadventurin.com all of the below:

1. Your CV

2. Cover letter and

3. Past reports that you have worked on which shows your capabilities in research and data analysis

Note for Applicants:

○ We usually receive a number of applicants for our open positions so we’ll only be able to respond to applicants who meet our requirements

○ Applicants who meet our requirements for this role can expect a 3-step interview process

Ashwin Subramaniam

Firmly believe that companies can unlock great business opportunities in tackling social and environmental challenges in their communities. Check out our story at www.goneadventurin.com or if you'd like to get in touch for a coffee or chat, email me at ashwin@goneadventurin.com. We'd love to hear your story.

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