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The next generation of Philanthropy, Impact Investing & Social Entrepreneurship in Asia // NEXUS Summit overview.

If there was any question in my mind whether Singapore is the best place to be based in the world for business innovation and social entrepreneurship — it’s long gone now.

It was one incredible weekend at the inaugural Nexus Singapore Youth Summit at Marina Bay Sands Convention centre, proving once again, that there is a global shift happening towards a new sustainable business culture.

But what is NEXUS exactly?

Nexus is a global movement of 2000+ young investors, social entrepreneurs and allies who work to increase and improve philanthropy and social impact investing.

Imagine: a conference room full of passionate global leaders, all coming together to disrupt business as usual and find innovative ways to direct funds and investments into profitable & socially responsible ideas. UN representatives and Government. CEOs and Creatives. A global family of people working together to support one another to change their respective industries:

The highlight for us was certainly meeting Parag Khanna, whom led the panel discussion on Family Business for Social Good. Parag is known world-wide for his passionate TED Talk on the future of countries:

A Few Highlights from the discussions

The biggest thing we realised was how fantastic the platform was to connect with great people. We met amongst others, Nichol Ng, Managing Director at FoodXervices — a Singaporean family business and market leader in the food service industry. She shared her experience as a co-founder of the Food Bank Singapore — a charity that aspires to to be the most dominant centralised coordinating organisation of food donations in Singapore.

We also had the opportunity to connect with Heng Leun Kok, the Artistic Director of the Singaporean theatre company Drama Box who believes in harnessing arts to raise awareness about social issues.

We attended many insightful discussions, but the focus for us was hearing our past client on the panel for “Family Businesses for Social Good” and then, for personal interest: “Arts for Social Good”.

Arts for Social Good

Key take-away: Arts and culture possess multiple dimensions — not only they lead to creativity that is needed to finding innovative solutions for solving sensitive problems, but also they help inspiring actions in to achieve social good.

Family Businesses for Social Good

Key take-away: One of their critical concerns is to make their families (boards members) understand the new business model paradigms that need to tackle social and environmental issues.

Other change-makers we bumped into:

It was an incredibly diverse audience — with people from all over the world.

I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to people such as Ariunzaya Bayarsaikhan — a lawyer from Mongolia, living in Japan, looking towards Singapore for opportunities within Social Impact Investment, and it was a real buzz to listen to the über passionate Scott Duncan from the Australian organisationYGAP — a youth incubator for social change.

The StartSomeGood team also attended, and it was great to hear what they are planning for the future — keep your eyes out for this one!!

Check these guys out!

All in all — it was a wonderful experience, with open doors to future collaborations.

As Dorjee Sun mentioned in his closing speech;

“…everyone who attended Nexus has become a family, a close network of individuals and organisations that are working together, supporting one another, to ultimately achieve a better future for humanity.

Can’t wait to continue the conversations.

Find more about the next NEXUS Summit in Melbourne:http://www.nexusyouthsummit.org/summits/australia/

Article by Jacqui Hocking – Co-founder and Creative Director, Gone Adventurin’

Edited by Paula Miquelis -Business & Project Developer, Gone Adventurin’

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