Food security: SE Asia is facing a food crisis


Food security: SE Asia is facing a food crisis

The perception is that farming is not a desirable career, due to unpredictable returns and lack of prestige. As the social value of education increases, more youth leave rural areas, creating a labour drain. If farming is not seen as valuable or profitable, how can it compete with the lights of the city? If over a third of all food is thrown away, it speaks volumes about the lack of value these vital ingredients have in our society. How can it be that food is perceived as something so worthless?

What changes can be made?

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Laura Allen

Firm believer that companies can unlock great business opportunities in tackling social and environmental challenges in their communities. Outside of the world of social business, Laura is an avid cyclist and rock-climber, and is passionate about topics such as the FutureOfFood (she co-founded a community farm in Singapore) and mindfulness.

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