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Unmissable event for adventurers and dreamers — NatGeo Live Singapore with Bryan Smith.

For those who might have been living in a cave for the past 17 years, you might not have heard about National Geographic Live, the flagship event series of the National Geographic Society featuring live concerts, films and dynamic talks by today’s leading explorers, adventurers, scientists, specialists and conservationists.

Our social enterprise, Gone Adventurin’, helped bring this famous series to Singapore and Asia for the first time this year.

National Geographic Live has been held in more than 60 cities across the world for the last 17 years, we are now bringing it to Asia.

The first event, sold out two weeks before the talk was an overwhelming success. Held at Esplanade Concert Hall on August 26th, the public event welcomed more than 1,600 people and featured the world’s leading underwater photographer David Doubilet. Watch this two minutes summary video edited by our Creative Director, Jacqui Hocking and you’ll see the magnitude and incredible impact.

National Geographic Live Singapore — Aug 26th — David Doubilet

“There is so much energy here, just the best audience that a photographer can have.” — David Doubilet talking about the Singapore audience.

We are now proud to annonce that Bryan Smith, one of the greatest conservationists and truly inspirational individuals will speak at the second National Geographic Live Singapore event, on October 9th at Esplanade Concert Hall. More information about the event here.

So who is this crazy explorer?

At the nexus of storytelling and extreme explorations, Bryan Smith came to filmmaking as a kayaker. He has always been into the outdoors, but his first kayaking experience in his early twenties kickstarted a desire of making bigger missions and expeditions. As he became a better paddler, he kept being amazed by the places his kayak could take him “from deep river forges and huge expanses coastline that no one really travels.” Ultimately, he decided to pick up a camera to inspire people and keep astounding tracks of his adventures. Paddling steep rivers in Canada, India, Peru and Russia, his mission is to create stunning videos and images of the most challenges and dangerous places.

“Extreme is whatever is scary for you.” — Bryan Smith

In 2010, Bryan earned a National Geographic Grant for his filming project in the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia where grizzlies and mosquitos are both voracious animals to fear. Following this rewarding accomplishment, he directed ‘The Man Who Could Fly’, a special National Geographic documentary film following the legendary rock climber and base jumperDean Potter on his mission to further human flight – chasing him up the walls of Yosemite, across untethered high lines and eventually through the air as he leaped from the top of Canada’s 9000 foot Mt. Bute.

Extract “The Man Who Can Fly” featuring Dean Potter — Directed by Bryan Smith

Dean Potter slack lining in the Cathedral Peak, Yosemite — Directed by Bryan Smith

Join us at the Esplanade Concert Hall Singapore on the evening of October 9th to meet Bryan Smith, a dynamic filmmaker, adventurer and conservationist for amazing climbing & adventure stories and intense footage shot in the world’s most stunning locations and challenging environments!

Article written by Paula Miquelis — Business Developer at Gone Adventurin’. Follow my story here.

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