Eco Fashion: Making Sustainability Sexy!

Changing our work-wear to inspire more people to care about sustainability & #discoverpurpose

We’ve recently been enhancing our branding strategy to inspire even more people so as they can #discoverpurpose. Our brand story is more than our logo, name or motto — it’s the entire experience our collaborators and partners have with Gone Adventurin’ and with our services.

One of our aims is to raise people’s awareness about social and environmental issues through storytelling, and the way we do it goes far and beyond our projects. That’s why we want to tell you our journey withCOSSET, a “Sustainably Sexy” boutique clothing label based out of Singapore, that is providing our company’s workwear.

Jacqui — Creative Director @Gone Adventurin’

Why did we choose COSSET?

We heard about COSSET through a fashionista friend of ours who mentioned this amazing Singaporean and eco-friendly brand. Behind, ‘Cosset’ which means to ‘pamper’ & ‘care’ — there are 3 other messages. Wearing Cosset means that you:

  • Care about the environment
  • Care about yourself


  • Care about your partner!

‘Choose comfort with a conscience, choose Cosset.’

  1. Pamper the environment: Cosset is a sustainable brand that uses bamboo, one of the most sustainable resources.
  2. Pamper yourself: Bamboo provides unparalleled advantages, it’s high quality and so comfortable to wear during our adventures and projects in South East Asia.
  3. Pamper your partner: The shirts are suitable for both male and female as they are really versatile. This helps us not to worry too much when we forgot our

Bamboo fiber is a revolutionary sustainable fabric as it possesses advantages, including strength, versatility and softness. Although the manufacturing process has to improve to be full environmental-friendly, it is far better than the steps required to use traditional cotton materials.

But it’s not just about sustinability. It’s also about being ethical.

Becoming more ethical seems to be a hard-task for fashion brands and retailers. But that is what motivated Sarah Tan when she decided to create COSSET.

‘It’s up to the fashion industry to find better ways to be more sustainable. From the fabrics used to the people making them.’

Sarah Tan — Cosset Founder

Sarah does not hesitate to denounce the horrible working conditions in which workers from the garment industries are doing our clothes. Here is a really interesting article that she recently posted online about H&M and theClean Clothes Campaign, an alliance of garment industry labor unions and NGOs, that has criticized the brand’s latest report for having “no real figures to show progress towards this goal” of a fair living wage.

Not only is Sarah promoting sustainable fashion through a sexy brand, but on the top of that, she is an extraordinary human! She’s a woman like you and me (ok, so maybe cooler than me), who one day, because she was fed up with wearing non organic and eco friendly clothes, decided to create her own sustainable brand! Sarah cares about the planet, cares about her comfort and cares about her look. More than a sustainable brand, Cosset is a brand designed for fashionistas.

Spreading the message to #DISCOVERPURPOSE

We decided to wear our shirts on every project we do in Singapore and overseas; during filming or a storytelling event; with all our freelancers and collaborators. Quickly, these shirts also became our day-to-day workwear as they are so comfortable & looking great!

Amazingly, our friends and relatives started to order our shirts. Not only does it help us grow our community of creatives, social entrepreneurs and corporates — but it also helps promote the lager message behind COSSET & GA!

Logo & Design by our Team @ GRAMM Studios

Article written by Paula Miquelis — Project Manager at Gone Adventurin’


Are you on a mission to #DiscoverPurpose? Then send us a Facebook message to acquire our shirts and pick it up from us at the HUB Singapore. PLUS it’s a great opportunity to check out our cool coworking space!

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