Climate Change: #EarthToParis & COP21


Climate Change: #EarthToParis & COP21

A couple of weeks back our team joined the 4th Responsible Business Forum of Sustainable Development held in Singapore. 2015 is seen as a potentially historic year if the new climate treaty is agreed in Paris, so Climate Change naturally was the theme of the forum



There is an urgent need to make the impacts of climate change real and get our act as a global society together. During the forum the Climate Action SDG was referenced several times. The topical Southeast Asian transboundary haze came up repeatedly in discussions and Q&As during panel sessions.

Issues like the haze make climate change real — and act as a reminder for climate action.They make most people read up about man’s impact on nature or talk to others or write or even think of creative solutions. However, there are other longer-term, irrevocable impacts of climate change that are silently brewing away but most of us don’t realise it till one day we begin to face direct consequences.

For example, even if world manages to limit global warming to 2°C — the target number for current climate negotiations — sea levels may still rise to at least 6 meters or 20 feet (enough to swallow up your entire office till the roof)! A 3°C hotter world sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Laura Allen

Firm believer that companies can unlock great business opportunities in tackling social and environmental challenges in their communities. Outside of the world of social business, Laura is an avid cyclist and rock-climber, and is passionate about topics such as the FutureOfFood (she co-founded a community farm in Singapore) and mindfulness.

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