Ever dreamt about becoming a NatGeo Explorer?


Ever dreamt about becoming a NatGeo Explorer?

Everyone has dreamt about becoming an adventurer once in their lives.

It is fascinating to see the influence that the simple title ‘National Geographic’ has on people. It immediately takes your imagination on an epic adventure. NatGeo is today, the number 1 brand on instagram. That means that not only are they helping to solve the most pressing environmental and social issues, but they also managed to gather a huge and diverse number of people worldwide along with the same objective: to care about our planet

Credit: Thomas P. Peschak/www.thomaspeschak.com

And let’s face it, who has never dreamt about becoming a NatGeo explorer? Travelling to remote and untouched places to capture beautiful images and stories in order to save the planet? Best job in the world.

But must a dream… stay a dream?

What if you could meet with these explorers to get inspired by their stories?

What if you could become yourself an explorer?

Well. This is what National Geographic Live brings to town through its physical events. National Geographic Live is the live events division of the National Geographic Society, featuring live videos, concerts, films, and dynamic presentations by today’s leading explorers, scientists and photographers — covering a wide range of topics including exploration and adventure, wildlife and habitat conservation, natural phenomena and relevant issues such as climate change. Proceeds from speaker series ticket sales help fund future National Geographic initiatives in field research, exploration and education. In the most recent year, National Geographic has also started to cover more thought provoking and contemporary topics such as LGBT, diversity or sex work. In the January 2017 magazine issue, National Geographic’s cover features Avery Jackson, a 9-year old transgender.

“Thought-provoking presentations by today’s leading explorers, scientists, and photographers.” – National Geographic Live new moto.

Explorers coming to Singapore

It has been 3 years since we first brought the National Geographic Live series to Asia to share about their assignments and discoveries. This year, we bring world renowned underwater photographer and marine biologist, Thomas Peschak, and submarine pilot and Young National Geographic Explorer, Erika Bergman.

Thomas Peschak

A National Geographic magazine contributing photographer and Director of Conservation for the Save our Seas Foundation, Peschek decided to become an environmental journalist when he realised that pictures are more convincing that statistics when it comes to conservation. He has been named by Outdoor Photography magazine as one of the 40 most influential nature/environmental photographers in the world.
Credit: Thomas P. Peschak/www.thomaspeschak.com

Credit: Thomas P. Peschak/ Save our Seas Foundation

Credit: Thomas P. Peschak/ Save our Seas Foundation

Peschak’s adventures have brought to photograph humpback whales off the coast of Canada and even great white sharks in South Africa. Thomas believe sharks aren’t a reason to get out of the water. They’re a reason to get in. In fact, he has swum among hundreds of one-ton manta rays in the Maldives and even been up close and personal with the massive whale sharks in the Arabian Sea!

Credit: Thomas P. Peschak/www.thomaspeschak.com

If your interest has been piqued, you should definitely check out Thomas Peschak’s talk at the iconic Esplanade Concert Hall on Sunday January 22nd, 3pm.

Erika Bergman

Bergman is a Young National Geographic Explorer and submarine pilot that loves all things aquatic. She studied chemical oceanography at the University of Washington and worked as a diesel engineer on the tall ship S/V Lady Washington. She has even worked as a submersible pilot for exploration, research and filmmaking.

Young Explorers 2015 Headshots

Young Explorers 2015 Headshots

Erika filming Curasub_©Barry Brown

Today, she is is the editor of OpenExplorer.com, which supports and curates citizen exploration and also a co-founder of Global Engineering and Exploration Counselors that provides engineering camps to girls around the globe. Her Girls Underwater Robot Camps is a STEM initiative to get more women into Engineering and Exploration, and has made an impact across the United states and the Arctic, connecting girls around the world, and empowering them to run underwater expeditions.

Future Sub Pilots tour Antipodes_©OceanGate, Inc

Future Sub Pilots tour Antipodes_©OceanGate, Inc

In her talks at the Nanyang Technological University, Erika will be telling stories about underwater exploration as a submarine pilot, share her many projects and inspire the generation of National Geographic explorers.

In all,

Thomas Peschak and Erika Bergman, the explorers who will come to Singapore in January 2017, are gathered around the same fight: ocean conservation. As a social enterprise willing to inspire big brands to do good through their work, we have always felt aligned with National Geographic because like us, they use both storytelling and experiential trips to raise awareness around the most pressing environmental and social issues.

Our role in National Geographic Live Singapore has been to secure the best and most relevant partners for collaborating with NatGeo on the ground such as Nanyang Technological University that is certainly the one of the most prestigious Universities in Singapore.

While you run to get your tickets to National Geographic Live here, dont forget to read our article around oceans including our exclusive interview with the first female underwater explorer Sylvia Earle.

We hope to continue the Nat Geo Live partnership for inspiring generations of Asian to become explorers. So do stay tuned for upcoming talks by international photographers, scientists, and explorers!

Ashwin Subramaniam
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